The Essential Tasks To Doing A Brake Overhaul Before Driving A Classic Restoration Project

Before you take your restoration project out of the garage for a test drive, you will want to make sure it is safe and do the brakes. Overhauling your brakes will be much more than just changing the pads and topping off the brake fluid. You will want to do a complete inspection, add new flew and inspect the lines.  Here are some of the essential tasks that need to be done when doing the brakes on your classic car restoration:

1. Inspecting Brake Lines for Signs of Damage or Wear

With classic cars, sometimes the brake lines have been damaged or corrosion has compromised them. The brake lines may burst if they are worn and corroded, which can cause you to completely lose your brakes while driving. Inspect all the brake lines and change them if they are worn and damaged. You can only repair the lines that need replacing, but it is better to go ahead and change all the brake lines to ensure you do not have future problems.

2. Draining the Brake Fluid and Inspecting Rubber Seals and Brake Parts

After a car has been sitting for years, the brake fluid begins to break down. Particles begin to form and the fluid will lose its properties. The bad brake fluid may cause problems like blockage in a line or the brakes to not function properly and particles can damage the master cylinder. Completely drain the fluid out of your brakes. While you are changing the brake fluid, inspect all rubber components, such as seals, valves, gaskets and cushions. Replace any rubber parts that are dry, cracked or damaged.

3. Changing the Pads, Bleeding the Brake Lines and Final Inspection Before Driving

Once you have repaired lines, changed the fluid and replaced rubber parts, it is time to start with the brake job. Change the brake pads and check the calipers to ensure they are functioning properly. Once you have done the brakes, bleed them and double check all the components of your brake system before taking your car for a test drive. Make sure that there are no leaks and that you do not lose pressure when you step on the brake pedal.

With classic cars, brakes may have issues that need to be addressed before you are able to drive your car. Contact a cheap car rental service to get a daily driver while you overhaul your brakes.