Common Causes Behind Semi Trailer Breakdowns

Semi-trailer repair is a common and often frustrating occurrence while driving these heavy vehicles. While the repair job usually doesn't take that long and many mechanics that specialize in this area are fantastic and work quickly to get you back on the road, the truth is that you will almost always be ringing them up again within a few months. That is because there are several hazards on the road that don't appear to be dangerous that can cause premature wear and tear on your semi-trailer. Here are a few things to look out for when on the road that could be causing you to break down more frequently.

Wear on Your Breaks

You rarely see semi-trailers in populated areas for one simple reason: traffic prematurely wears out your breaks. The breaks on a semi-trailer go through a mountain of work to try and slow down the large vehicle, and constant stopping and starting motion is not good for them. That is why, whenever possible, you should always take highways and even toll roads if necessary to avoid congestion and wear on your breaks.

Problems with Your Tires

Your semi-trailer must have regular tire checks to ensure that a single tire isn't wearing down faster than the others. Even if just one tire has a problem and becomes flat while driving, the shift of weight and momentum can cause huge problems for the structure of your vehicle and your suspension. Every time you drive your semi-trailer you should be taking a full lap around the vehicle beforehand to see if there are any signs of potential damage so that you avoid finding out from semi-trailer repair mechanic that this could have been prevented. 


Semi-trailers go through some of the roughest terrains in the country and it is common for them to get sprayed with dirt, sand, snow, gravel, and all sorts of branches and bird poo. Giving your semi-trailer a thorough cleaning whenever you can isn't just good for looks, it can prevent these corrosive elements from getting jammed in all the little nooks and crannies and affecting some of your systems. If it gets into the fluids of the car or starts insulating the electrical systems you can have a very big problem on your hand, and the repair costs could be in the tens of thousands. 

To learn more about maintaining semi-trailer parts like your breaks and tires, contact a semi-trailer repair shop.