What To Do When You Need To Sell A Car And Can't Find A Buyer

Old, damaged, or unwanted cars sitting in your yard or driveway can be challenging to dispose of. Sometimes selling these cars the traditional way does not work, so contacting an unwanted car buyer or scrap recycler may be the best solution. 

Cash For Cars 

Most large cities and many small towns are littered with signs advertising people that will buy your unwanted car for cash if you call them. Some of these car buyers are looking for cars and trucks they can repair and sell for a profit, but many of these car buyers want the vehicle to scrap the steel and other metal parts from it. 

In most cases, these are legitimate businesses that can help you remove a vehicle from your driveway, and they do pay for them. However, the amount of money they are willing to offer is often minimal to ensure they can make a profit from the vehicle. If they are going to repair it, they will need a title in most states, so if you do not have one, let the car buyers know. They may still buy the car for scrap, but it can change the deal and the amount of money they are willing to spend on the car or truck.

Wrecked Cars

A car that was not insured and involved in an accident that totaled the car is not much good to the owner. Selling a wrecked car to a salvage yard or scrap service that pays cash for wrecked cars is often the best way to get rid of the vehicle, and you might be surprised how much the car is worth. Most car buyers will offer a few hundred dollars for a car that you may not see any value in, but the profit comes from the parts, not the entire vehicle. 

Heavy damage that destroys the frame and body but leaves the engine, transmission, and interior intact can give the car value for the remaining usable components. The salvage yard operator can take a car or truck like this, strip out everything that is still good, and sell each item for reuse in another vehicle. 

Once they remove everything from the vehicle, the frame and body are crushed into a small cube, loaded on a truck, and sold to a recycler. The salvage yard operator makes a profit on the parts and some money from scrapping the steel. The profit margins are small, but if you sell your wrecked car to car buyers from the salvage yard at a fair price, both parties benefit and make some money for the vehicle.