Four Ways To Prevent Damage To Your Windshield

While windshield replacement can be inevitable, there are some ways that you can prevent extensive damage done to your windshield. This way, you are possibly only dealing with repairs or no damage at all. Here are four ways you can prevent damage to your windshield:

  1. Be Mindful of Where You Park: The best way to be mindful of parking is to notice whether or not there is something overhead or nearby that could cause problems. This includes parking underneath a large tree. Should a branch fall or some pest, such as a squirrel, drop something on your vehicle, you will definitely be facing the possibility of windshield replacement along with possible other damages to your vehicle. You also should avoid parking near construction sites since there are many rocks and other debris that could be flying around in these areas. 
  2. Refill Your Windshield Fluid: You definitely don't want your windshield wipers to be wiping your windshield when it is dry. There is a chance that the wipers could damage your windshield when this happens. Whenever you need to clean off your windshield, there should be enough wiper fluid to do so without the wipers running dry against the glass. 
  3. Replace Old Windshield Wipers: Speaking of windshield wipers, you should also be replacing them once they are old and brittle. Otherwise, they are not effective and don't have the rubber support to wipe smoothly against the glass. The chances of leaving scratch marks are much higher when you continue to use old windshield wipers. 
  4. Be Mindful Where You are Driving: Avoiding gravel roads and driving behind large trucks, especially construction trucks, is another way to avoid unnecessary damage to your windshield. Construction trucks are likely to send dirt and rocks flying towards your vehicle while on the road. If you must drive behind them, keep a fair distance to avoid something hitting your vehicle, especially at a high speed. If you must drive on gravel, keep your speed as low as possible to avoid debris from flying everywhere. Keep your distance from vehicles in front of you that will also be sending debris up in the air. 

With these four things in mind, you can definitely avoid the need for windshield replacement. However, these things aren't always controllable, so if you do so happen to need windshield replacement, be sure that you go to the right professionals for auto glass replacement. The proper windshield installation is so important for safety.